Thursday, 10 February 2011

bourjois vs smashbox!

Hey guys. I know its been a while.. or has it? Erm, I cant really remember these days as Im so busy, but you know what I mean. Im gonna keep this one short and sweet, as I dont see the point of writing a long, imformative blog when no-ones gonna read it.

I havnt actually seen this product in the shops anywhere, but I've bought myself one from a website. Anyway, its the Bourjois Rose Exclusif lipgloss vs. Smashbox O-GLOSS. Lets kick things off with the French..

Bourjois. Classy, clever products that simplify beauty for the everyday woman. I used to use the foundations, and they were very good. But this lipgloss is something Ive seen before. Its not new. Smashbox did this about a year and a half ago, and Too-Faced did this about 2 years ago. Although, as residents of the UK, we dont have direct access to afroementioned cosmetic houses. Rose Exclusif is also a cheaper version of the latter two. YAY!

At £6.99 you cant really go wrong. If you're a fan of the flushed pink lips, then this is the gloss for you. Goes on clear then its turns to a bespoke pink! It reacts with the pH of your lips, with pH reactive pigments to turn the gloss a customiszed shade of pink. Everyones pH is different, so no-one will ever have the same colour gloss as you, that will also suit your skintone within 5 mintues! If thats not get-ready-quick-glam, I dont know what is. Its non sticky formula leaves you looking perfect on those windy days, and super shiny texture keeps you at your utmost beautiful. Packed full of anti-oxidents vitamin E & C and 8 hours moisture, its good for your lips too! Can be worn on bare lips, or with lip-colour. Apply genoursly!

Winner of STAR Magazine’s SuperSTAR Beauty Award for Best Lip Gloss, Smashbox have indeed 'smashed it' with this one. Slicks on as a clear gloss, then magically turns into a just bitten pink thats all your own! It develops quicker than Bourjois, and smells nicer too! O-GLOSS is packed with microcirculating Goji Berry-C Complex™ and ginkgo biloba, pomegranate seed antioxidants, revitalizing marine botanicals and moisturizing avocado oil for mega shine. I found this one was more shinier and wet-looking than Bourjois, and felt a little more luxe too! Smashbox also have a matching blusher that is also available for purchase called the O-GLOW. Based on the same principle, its a silicone feeling product that slides on clear, turning into a pink-flush blish colour. Like you've just got steamy with your personal trainer! I also liked that it made my favourite MAC pink lipstick (MAC ProLongwear in 'Overtime') alot pinkier, or I wore it alone for a natural English Rose look.

I tested both out over a two day period. I ate, drank, spoke, worked a 9-5 day and also went to the gym and went to a work/friend party with both. Here's my lipgloss diary:


Monday, 24 January 2011

drama drama drama.

Eurgh. Another weekend over. Get a little depressed to be honest. Even if I dont do anything over the weekend, I still love the fact I dont have to think about work for atleast two days. Not very long but whatever. Ive been cooking for me and my boyfriend (he's loving it by the way), cleaning and generally being a little house-wife. I have decided I hate it. Apart from the cooking. My sunday roast is second to none, lemme tell ya'. Also, when I walked into work today, the receptionist said I'd lost weight and looked glowing (NARS SHEER GLOW, I THANKYOU!).

 My LipTars still havnt arrived. Im getting a little suspicious about them now. They are coming over from America, but even so, Ive had things delivered from there quicker than this. My nan can knit quicker than this. Oh the impatience.

I might've mentioned before, I havnt been the best, health-wise, recently. DAMN FLU! I had every symptom of Swine Flu, yet im just on standard anti-biotics. Yay. No drinking for me. Maybe this means I'll get skinny. HEY! A girl can dream cant she?! Who are we kidding?!.. Since Ive been moping and feeling sorry for myself, boredom has become an everlasting feeling of mine lately, but it has brought out my creative side.

Ive done two, erm, very different make-up looks; the MAC haute & naughty eyes look, and a swamp mermaid look.

Haha, now you can actually see what I look like, as I havnt uploaded a picture of me yet :)
What do you think? Try them for yourself at home and take some pics and let me know.

Also, let me know if you would like a step-by-step guide on how to create these looks including a product directory. Have fun!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Giorgio Armani

Hi! I know its been a while since I blogged last, but I have been such a workaholic its untrue! I do come bearing gifts in the form of a wonderful review!

The new Giorgio Armani 'Eyes to Kill - Excess' mascara. Ok. It has already been launched, and not so much a 'new' product. Nevertheless, I thought I'll review it anyway. I have tried and put to the test all the high-end mascaras out there; Dior, YSL, Chanel, Shu Uemera, and in my honest opinion, this is fab!!!!

I tried the 'Eyes to Kill' when it first came out a few years back and I loved it. Although, this tops everything. It gives outstanding volume, structure and definition, never mind the long-lasting and separation it unconditionally gives to each and every lash. I find two coats more than enough for a glam daytime wearable look. For night time, I just give them one extra coat, without the need of taking my whole face off just to re-plump and rejuvenate my lashes; one extra coat and I'm ready.

This wonder product is easy to apply and remove. I found no flakiness, and it didn't transfer onto my skin near my bottom lashes, like alot of mascaras do. SO ANNOYING. Its easily removed with soap and water, with gently rubbing. Simple for girls on the go like me! No clumps, and lasted all day! If it lasts all day with my busy schedule, then I fear no problem on a night out on the town with the girls.

I always curl my lashes with Shu Uemera lash curler (the best) which keeps the shape all day long, and 'Eyes to Kill - Excess' just helped, even further improved the curl. So impressed.

Packaging is very Giorgio. Sleek, chic, sophisticated, minimal. The product really does speak for itself, no need for fancy packaging. Its also perfumed. Fancy. I also purchased the 'Eyes to Kill' silk eyeshadow in 14. A little goes ALONG way. You can either pat it on the lid with a flat brush for a strong, molten metal look, or, smooth it on and blend for a shimmering luxe look. Both very gorgeous; a day AND a night look with one eyeshadow.

Im a fan of wearing eyeshadow in the day. Alot of people, even some make-up artists I know, dont wear any, as they prefer to look more made-up in the evening. Fair point ladies, but it doesnt mean you have to skimp on the glam factor. Ill be rocking the silk eyeshadow day and night. Its gorgeous, and is exactly what it says, SILK! Its very soft, and if you prefer a blended look, it takes minimal effort. They are a cross between a powder/cream formula to form a luxurious film on the eyelid. 24 Hour wear-time, can be used wet or dry for a more satin effect, water-proof and sweat-proof on top of a weightless feel. Very Lancome Ombre Magnetique!

What do you guys think? Let me know :)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Lip Tar anyone?

Ok. I know what you're thinking.. Wtf are Lip Tars? Well I read an amazing blog/report on these fancy new things and had to try them out for myself.

I have literally just purchased two Lip Tars for myself and will blog again as soon as they make they're appearance on my doorstep. Stay tuned!


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO.. its the future!

heyheyhey! i know its only been what.. 10 minutes since I blogged last but in those 10 precious mintues I got hold of some valuable information!!

MAC's February 2011 collection: Future Face. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! For the first time ever, the darlings at MAC have created hybrid that is a base makeup that blurs the lines and seem between skincare and makeup!! GENIUS. It is said to provide a 'sheer to mdeium coverage which is smooth, flawless for a soft and even skintone'. This is a Makeup Diary must-have for those 'bad face days'.

This collection consists of; Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder in shades:

LIGHT - soft pale beige
LIGHT PLUS - pale golden beige
MEDIUM - soft creamy beige
MEDIUM PLUS - tan beige
MEDIUM DARK - caramel beige
MEDIUM DEEP - rich golden tan
DARK - deep caramel
DARK DEEP - rich golden bronze

Something for everyone!

MAC introduced their Studio Moisture Tint in their 'Baby Bloom' collection of 2009. They are creamy and luxurious in texture, and dry down to a sheer, natural satin finish. Keeps skin moisturised for up to 8 hours, great for winter months like these! Studio Moisture Tints are available in 2 shades;

MEDIUM PLUS - tan beige
DARK PLUS - neutral tan beige

The poplular Studio Flix Fluid will be appearing once again, with 7, yes 7, new shades!!!!!!


Unfortunatly, these shades will not be available for purchase in Singapore.

first post!

Hi everyone! This is my first ever post, so go easy on me. Im looking forward to hearing from you all, and sharing advice along the way. 

I decided to start a blog because I wanted to share my knowledge with you all from new products and new collections from cosmetic houses, from tips & techniques. Feel free to email me about anything make-up based, or just to have a simple chat and get to know one another.

I hope to meet up with some of you make-up artists out there who might just read this blog; to share info, product knowledge, experiences and tips & tricks.

I want to start my first blog about something close to the heart for me.. and thats M.A.C!!!! I have been lucky enough to work for such a huggeeeeeeeeee company, learnt some new things & learnt about some amazing wonder products, but most important of all met some amazing girls who I'll remember & stay in touch with forever.

I still cannot beleive its 2011. 2010 went so fast, and so much happened and changed in my life, for the better. I hope this year carries on in the same positive way that last year ended in. :)

M.A.C's new collection, for all those of you who dont know, is called 'Champale'. A truley gorgeous collection of sparkly nude-peaches and nude-pinks for the newyear, with all the 'pop' of a bottle of bubbly! 'Champale' includes lipsticks, lipgelees, paint pots (my fave!!!), chromogrpahic pencils (also a Makeup Diary 'IT' product), nail laquers, beauty powders and 4x eyeshadow palettes, along with studio fix lash, kohl pencils, complete comfort creme and fix+ lavender.

I must say, the lipgelees are to die for.. they sold out in almost 2 days!!!! a must have for all ladies! The paintpots are smoother and silkier than ever before. The next generation, with a major sparkle; lovely to wear alone or under your fave glittery eyeshadow to make it 'pop'. Colours include 'Chilled on ice', 'Let me pop', 'Vintage Selection' and 'Dangerous Cuvee'. Cream based, they slide onto the lid, resulting in a seamless and effortless application. Longwearing and Colourfast. They definately are the best thats yet to be in 2011.

The second of the new M.A.C collections is the M.A.C + Mickey Contractor. Now, this collection gives a nod to the Bollywood world, so so well it does. Mickey is M.A.C's Makeup Artistry Director in India and has mentored many artists around the world. With this collection, you can be your own Bollywood star, with princess worthy eyeshadows, regal lipsticks and lipglasses, and flawless but natural skin. The names of the lipsticks and eyeshadows are in Punjab.. This takes M.A.C above and beyond other high quality makeup houses; who else would dare do this?! M.A.C!!!!!

Stylishly Yours? Of Course! The third in the M.A.C collections I'm going to tell you about. If you have a signiture look, that you rock with attidtude everytime you step out the door, va va voom it up with M.A.C's collection 'Stylishly Yours'. You can change any look into an amplified one in seconds with the fluro pigments, brighter than bright lipsticks, and 'in your face' cream colour bases, along with a new addition to the fliudline family; a dark burgandy 'Dark Diversion' (i need to get my hands on this) and the Zoom Lash and Zoom Fast Black Lash mascaras.

Thats all for this post. I Hope its been informative and enjoyable. Until next time.. kisskiss.x