Monday, 24 January 2011

drama drama drama.

Eurgh. Another weekend over. Get a little depressed to be honest. Even if I dont do anything over the weekend, I still love the fact I dont have to think about work for atleast two days. Not very long but whatever. Ive been cooking for me and my boyfriend (he's loving it by the way), cleaning and generally being a little house-wife. I have decided I hate it. Apart from the cooking. My sunday roast is second to none, lemme tell ya'. Also, when I walked into work today, the receptionist said I'd lost weight and looked glowing (NARS SHEER GLOW, I THANKYOU!).

 My LipTars still havnt arrived. Im getting a little suspicious about them now. They are coming over from America, but even so, Ive had things delivered from there quicker than this. My nan can knit quicker than this. Oh the impatience.

I might've mentioned before, I havnt been the best, health-wise, recently. DAMN FLU! I had every symptom of Swine Flu, yet im just on standard anti-biotics. Yay. No drinking for me. Maybe this means I'll get skinny. HEY! A girl can dream cant she?! Who are we kidding?!.. Since Ive been moping and feeling sorry for myself, boredom has become an everlasting feeling of mine lately, but it has brought out my creative side.

Ive done two, erm, very different make-up looks; the MAC haute & naughty eyes look, and a swamp mermaid look.

Haha, now you can actually see what I look like, as I havnt uploaded a picture of me yet :)
What do you think? Try them for yourself at home and take some pics and let me know.

Also, let me know if you would like a step-by-step guide on how to create these looks including a product directory. Have fun!

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